No Room on Google + for Company Profiles…Yet

“Google is asking businesses, nonprofit groups, universities and other organizations and groups to stay out of Google+ — for now.

Some businesses and other entities have created Google+ pages using the current profile pages that are designed for people, and what is meant for an individual user doesn’t meet the needs of a business, said Christian Oestlien, the advertising lead on the team behind Google+” (LA Times).

However, this doesn’t mean that company profiles will never show up on Google +. “The movement to delete company profiles from the existing database is not down to the fact that the site does not welcome them but more that the business aspect of the site is still not completed, the post saying that it should be launched later this year.

Oestlien told of how the business element of the site would be “amazing” and has assured businesses that their wait will not go unrewarded.

Google are currently taking applications from businesses that are looking to become part of the Google+ networking circle with a view to select a number of the registered companies to take place in limited testing as well as qualifying the business to receive status updates on the development” (David Naylor).

Check out Ford’s Google + presence, it’s more fetching than a Facebook page looks, while appearing to serve the organization better. Ford creatively worked around the parameters that Google + provides to list all the locations the company has a presence in.

I’ve personally toyed with Google + this week and didn’t really consider it to be much of a Facebook alternative, until I saw how it interacts with companies. Google + is definitely not as exclusive as Facebook, which is perfect for the casual user who may want to see what their favorite brands are up to. It’s like a happy medium between not getting enough information on Twitter, and getting almost too much information on Facebook.


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