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There are more opportunities these days for business agility than ever. With cheap bandwidth and high-availability computing solutions, an enterprise is no longer as tightly bound to a physical location. This does not only have benefits for a company in terms of cost savings and potential expansion, it also allows for some impressive feats of […]

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Netgear has always been quick to implement new technologies. With the newer WiFi standard, 802.11ac, Netgear made it a priority to be the first company to offer this standard in their products. Because they introduced these products so quickly, some of the benefits of 802.11ac were not implemented […]

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Syntress loves Dropbox

On May 9, 2013 By

The old saying that “the best things in life are free” applies to the absolutely free Dropbox service. Download the free app for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices and forget about file and data transfer glitches that were accidents waiting to happen.

Syntress loves Dropbox because of its elegant and cloud-based file sharing […]

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