Mobility with Business VoIP and Enterprise Storage

One of the most important features of both enterprise storage, and now business VoIP, is mobility. Mobility has always been a key advantage of cloud storage; businesses want a safe way to store their data, but at the same time they don’t want that data to only be accessible at the office. With cloud storage, businesses can access their data from any device with Internet capabilities as long as it has company permission.

But mobility also now comes with business VoIP, which again differentiates the service from traditional phone services. A recent Smart Business article explains why businesses are now searching for mobility in their phone services and how cloud storage may have affected this trend:

“Cloud computing is becoming very popular. People are pushing their data away from their facility so it is available anywhere. However, they haven’t done this with their phone system because of traditional phone service capabilities. This is starting to change. Now, instead of being subject to the capabilities of a phone system, businesses are dictating how they want to communicate with their customers.”

With business VoIP, companies can use their service from any device that has Internet. Compare that with traditional phone services, which could only be used at a few locations in the office.

Another example as to how business VoIP is mobile is when a business is either moving or opening up a new office. With traditional phone services, a company would most likely have to change their number and then give their new number to every client, employee, and business partner. But with business VoIP, companies can either open up a new office or move to a new location without having to change their phone number. By keeping their old phone number, the move is a lot easier and the business can continue communicating with clients.

If your business is interested in mobility and would like more information about cloud storage and business VoIP, contact us.

Prevent Data Loss and Data Recovery with Enterprise Storage

Companies who do not yet use enterprise storage should consider changing this immediately for two main reasons: their data is constantly growing and without taking the proper steps, it is at risk. Although many businesses today are focused on expanding and increasing their total sales revenue, many do not take the time to consider how vital their data and information is to their business. By just trusting the security of company data to a simple firewall, it is not far-fetched to think that a competitor can gain access to crucial company data, including their strategic business goals.

The reason why some companies are hesitant to sign up for an enterprise storage service is because they do not understand how easy it is for data thieves to gain access to their documents. A recent Baltimore Business Journal Article discusses why firewalls are insufficient for data protection and how devastating data loss can be for a company:

“The modern business reality is this: a single click can expose your entire network and every piece of information on it to data loss. This compromised position is not the place any business wants to be. Your ability to compete and operate hinges on keeping your data protected. So if firewalls and training don’t cut it based on this new reality, what do you need to do as a business owner to ensure your data is protected?”

Time is of the essence when it comes to protection important company data. Enterprise storage has the capability to not only hold massive amounts of data, but also protect it so that it is far out of reach of data thieves and possible competitors. Recovering from data loss is difficult, and much of the recovery work can hardly be called progress because that time should have been shifted to other areas of the company. To avoid this, companies should take the time to first understand the consequences of data loss, and then take certain steps, such as signing up for an enterprise storage service, to prevent any catastrophes.

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International Calling with Business VoIP

As the VoIP industry continues to grow, many businesses are adopting the technology for a variety of reasons, whether they are looking to control costs or connect to customers better. But one of the most important features of business VoIP will only become more relevant as the economy continues to globalize. For businesses who are looking to enter a foreign market or perhaps enter a strategic alliance, unlimited international calling will not only improve communication, but also make it cheaper. Unlimited international calling will change the standard of international communication today as VoIP technology is adopted by more businesses.

recent article by The Digest lists the top five benefits of business VoIP and discusses the importance of each. In addition to mobile VoIP, unlimited nationwide calling, IP faxing, and IP video conferencing, the article explains how unlimited international calling is revolutionizing overseas communication for businesses:

“VoIP makes it cheap to call international countries. In fact, many business VoIP providers offer unlimited international calling plans. This is perfect for business trips overseas. The employee can stay connected to the office while traveling, without any pricey international rates at the expense of the business. No matter where the employee might fly off to, the company can rest assured that the cheap phone bill will remain at a reasonable price.”

Business VoIP will not only help international businesses, but will also encourage other companies to take advantage of the global economy. If one of the biggest obstacles to entering the global economy is communication and its high cost, then VoIP will make it easier for smaller businesses to do business with foreign companies. This will be particularly beneficial for companies looking to expand but finding it difficult to do so in the limitations of their local market.

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Why Small Businesses and Enterprises can Depend on the Syntress Total Solution

Does your business find necessary network and technology maintenance bogging the revenue process? Do your customers and partners need to access vital data with a constant dependability? Does your bottom line depend upon a reliable and consitent IT solution? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you may consider Syntress as your total solution.

The Total Solution

Syntress is a total solution provider. With Syntress, businesses and organizations no longer need to worry about costly and time consuming troubleshooting and other problems. The Total Solution means that Syntress does all of the hard work:

  • Monitoring network traffic and connectivity
  • Deploying high available storage solutions;
  • Providing Voice over IP telephony services;
  • Website design and hosting;
  • PBX Services;
  • And more.

With the high availability computer model, Syntress provides services with a maximum downtime of 5 minutes per year. This lets businesses and enterprises continue worry free about the accessibility of their data. Businesses and enterprises that are serviced by Syntress are sure to have a competent and dependable team guaranteeing that network availability is the greatest priority.

Syntress is looking to provide businesses and enterprises with the tools and technologies that they need to succeed. These can be customized solutions to fit the very specific needs of each business and enterprise. These customizations can vary based on the different programming languages needed for businesses. PHP, Ruby on Rails, and MONO, each of these are provided a custom solution for each business and enterprise as requested.

Offices and locations are available throughout the Midwest and headquartered in Chicago, so it is certain that network efficiency will be an important concern. With a central location on the continent, network connections can be made more abundantly and in a quicker manner. This means both coasts can effectively reach any business or enterprise network without large overheads or numerous redirects.

Because of the total solution structure that Syntress offers, there is a myriad of solutions available for any business or enterprise. The Syntress Team is certain to make every client and customer secure in knowing that their data and networks are available without any interruption.

Here at Syntress, we provide a total solution. We take care of the IT needs of business and enterprises to keep their websites, networks, and data flowing consistently. Please contact us so we can work for you.

Case Studies of Extreme Business Continuity

There are more opportunities these days for business agility than ever. With cheap bandwidth and high-availability computing solutions, an enterprise is no longer as tightly bound to a physical location. This does not only have benefits for a company in terms of cost savings and potential expansion, it also allows for some impressive feats of business continuity. Let us take a look at two such cases: Foursquare The relatively young but well-known startup that has taken over the world of social media with check-in statuses was recently forced to do some checking in of its own – to an emergency location. The sudden catalyst for this was 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, which in addition to massive damage and disruptions of many businesses, knocked out power to Foursquare’s permanent office in Soho. Fortunately, with roughly 60 employees and an extremely flexible web architecture, Foursquare was able to move its operations into a temporary rented space in Manhattan’s Time Warner Building the very next day. The company did not miss a beat: it used social media to alert employees of the move so there was no confusion and it managed to make two major releases before returning back to its proper office. CarSafe In 2011, the auto warranty company CarSafe faced an emergency situation in which it was quickly saved by its cloud-based contact center. Power to its St. Louis sales call center was taken out by a storm. Rather than absorb the losses, CarSafe made excellent use of the flexibility afforded by its call center solution. The sales representatives made a short drive to a nearby call center used for customer service personnel. The Customer service representative were offered an early lunch while the sales reps took over their workstations, logged into the phone system, and continued work as usual. Survival situations like t his are far more likely when a company embraces technologies such as the following:

  • High-Availability Storage
  • Hosted PBX

Contact Syntress, a trusted provider of these solutions and many other IT services that enable a business to thrive and survive.

Netgear Introducing Beamforming on 802.11ac Adapters

Netgear has always been quick to implement new technologies. With the newer WiFi standard, 802.11ac, Netgear made it a priority to be the first company to offer this standard in their products. Because they introduced these products so quickly, some of the benefits of 802.11ac were not implemented at first with the most important being Beamforming. Netgear has addressed this by upgrading their products.

Beamforming is a new understanding in the transmission of wireless signals. It is a signal processing technique that is designed to give a relational response with the direction of the signal. The advantage of this technology is that it provides reduced noise while increasing gain compared to standard signal transmissions. This technique is being deployed into routers and adpaters to capture its benefit. Netgear has recognized this as a necessity in their products, and they are providing an upgrade for their R6300 and A6200 products.

This upgrade is provided through the firmware. Upgrading the firmware is usually a worry free event. Netgear provided their products without the Beamforming standard because it was not necessary at the time. Even today the standard is still in early stages of adoption. Netgear is still ahead of the curve by providing Beamforming through this firmware updrade. writes:

“The upgrade targets wireless signals at devices’ specific locations, offering a big speed boost at shorter distances — Netgear estimates up to a 60 percent improvement at a 50-foot range…those using Netgear’s other 802.11ac devices should expect brisker speeds around the early summer.”

This new update is sure to provide excellent support for current customers that already recognize the speeds and strength of this new standard.

Netgear always tries to provide the best products with the newest technologies. They know that their customers appreciate this commitment. With their newest routers and adapters supporting the 802.11ac standard, Netgear saw that Beamforming could be a software implementation for a later date. This period would allow people to try the products and understand the benefits from them. New firmware upgrades provide the new Beamforming standard so that even greater benefits can be appreciated.

Syntress provides businesses with a total solution. We specialize in website design and development, in VoIP services, and in a wide range of IT services for small to large businesses. Please contact us for more information so we can help you with your needs.

Syntress loves Dropbox

The old saying that “the best things in life are free” applies to the absolutely free Dropbox service. Download the free app for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices and forget about file and data transfer glitches that were accidents waiting to happen.

Syntress loves Dropbox because of its elegant and cloud-based file sharing solution that transcends space and overcomes device compatibility problems. Dropbox is a free application that you download to every device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.) you and your colleagues use.

That one online Dropbox location is where you automatically upload your files or data via the Dropbox folder created on your device. Say that you’re working on a business presentation using a Word document. You save your work on your desktop in the office to the Dropbox folder on your computer.

You head out on a business trip overseas and pack up your portable device that has the Dropbox app.  Suddenly you remember you forgot to factor in something important into your presentation assumptions. You need the help of an expert colleague, who has access to the Dropbox file in question. That colleague gets to work on her copy of the file, and…You’re getting the picture, right?

Dropbox is not a file backup program, nor is it a substitute for one. It is a secure cloud-based file storage system that is a perfect example of how the cloud works best. It is not a remote access application like LogMeIn, for example.  You only need access to the DropBox website and permission to enter the account.

Dropbox safeguards against using superseded files.

Frequent Dropbox users need to be careful with Dropbox file versions, especially if more than one device is on line and the Dropbox application is activated on each device. The best advice is to open the Dropbox file folder on the device and see if there is a “conflicted” version of the file in the Dropbox directory.

“Conflicted” means that Dropbox stored two copies of the same file because one or more users worked on the file before refreshing the local Dropbox version. Remember: Dropbox automatically updates and downloads files as they are changed and uploaded. Remember to make sure your device Dropbox has been refreshed and updated.

The point here is that Dropbox has safeguards against inadvertent use of obsolete files. It will not overwrite a file unless the existing file matches up with the updated version. It saves the mismatched update as a “conflicted version.”

So, Dropbox is an ideal personal and small business IT tool that fits nicely into your strategy of safeguarding your valuable data. Loss your hard drive on a business trip won’t mean that your files are also toast. Contact us and we’ll help you upscale your Dropbox use for effective file sharing and collaboration.